Away Match Results  

Birkenhead Park Pairs Match

23rd September

1st Rob Smith & Terry Murrell 11 lb 4oz
2nd Ian Davies & Steve Burns 10 lb 12 oz
3rd Jack Traynor & George Jones 8 lb 12oz
The fishing was difficult but the match was well attended and everyone enjoyed the day
Hampton Springs match results
2nd September
1st Jack Traynor 47 lb 9 oz
2nd Steve Burns 44 lb 12 oz
3rd Tony Traynor 36 lb 15 oz
The committee match result Cudmore
5th August
1st Graham Ward 68 lb 12 oz
2nd Eric Heyes 61 lb
3rd Gordon Lythgoe 46 lb 12 oz

This is on the match sheet as a committee match but in fact members who have been extra active on work party days are invited to attend as a way of saying thank you for there much needed hard work

Lower ridge match

28th July

1st Jack Traynor,, 22lb 1oz
2nd Les Thompson 19lb 5oz
3rd Rob Smith 18lb 11oz 

Match results for Manley Sunday 8th July 

1st. Graham ward 17 lb 14 oz
2nd Eric Heyes 15 lb 9 oz
3rd Mark Parry 14 lb 8 oz

 Match Result at Weston Pools Sundday 1 July

1st Steve Burns 56lb 11oz
2nd Jack Traynor 51lb 02oz
3rd Les Thompson 37lb 05oz
14 attended and everyone obtained double figure weights.

Brookside results 18th June

A wet day was had by most due to the water level being high and most sitting in the water but a good day had by all

And the Result

R Smith 26lb 8oz
J Traynor 17lb 7oz
T Traynor 15lb 13oz

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