Drained, de-silted and doubled in length using lottery funding in 2014.

Has now matured and is in close proximity to its car park.

All swims are easy access with a stone path all the way round.

This pond fishes all year round due it’s heavy stocking of F1’s and ide with crucian and Tench providing further summer sport.

 Carpark extension 44 tons of Crush and run  March 2018

The Last of the hard work was completed 18th May 2014 well done to the lads for there hard work.
Due to the expected bad weather this coming weekend the finishing touches to the fireman's Will Not take place so the water will be open for fishing on the 11th a new date will be posted for the work to be completed as soon as it can be arranged (weather permitting)

7th May

 The Firemans will be closed between 8 AM to 4 PM
Wednesday the 7th & Sunday the 11th
This is for the last of the ground work to be completed

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              30th April

Well it`s Happened the first crucian caught at 7.30 this morning on opening day Well Done Roger

28th April 2014
That`s it all the hard work has been done paths to pegs 1-8 completed all that needs to happen is the grass to grow and people to fish it.
(and finish off the other path way)
To See more Photos of the work done follow the link.
More photos



Well Its almost finished just the pathways to go down and it`s finished

 The start of all the hard work begins

Work Party Sunday the 6th April


Some of the swims taking shape.
30th March



The Banks and swims starting to take shape

16th March

To see more photos follow this link
The pond is now full of water and planted up with lilies and marginal reeds and rushes.
The hard standing car park has also been laid
Since the contractor vacated the site on the 17th of December members of the club have been hard at work on the pond whilst the water level is still below the marginal shelf. 20 pegs have been identified and marked out and small leaved water lily planted close in between each swim. Two large submerged fish refuge cages have been sunk in the middle of the new part of the pond, surrounded by six large barrels which have been filled with clay and planted up with the large leaved white water lily. A ten feet square plateau situated in between the old and new pond has also been planted up with the water lily and now houses a wooden platform which will also act as a fish cage. The water depth is currently between 3 and 5 feet deep with the final level likely to rise a further 2 feet higher. Further work will continue on fencing, car parking, pathways and marginal planting in the near future.

                                                                                                                                    14th January 2014
All the Major work is complete

Ongoing work



Filling and draining
The new pond has been filled with the water from  the old Pond
The old pond drained down, well almost ,ready for the last fish to me removed on Sunday 8th
The new pond is well on its way




After the tree Surgeons cleared the way for the heavy machinery the undergrowth was removed and the area marked out were the new pond will be



The tree surgeons have opened up the entrance to the site on Tuesday, however, we have been informed that Morgans now won't be able to start the project until Monday 2nd December.
This puts the drain down weekend back to the 14/15th December.
The only positive is that at least this gives them 2 full weeks to dig the pond before the drain-down weekend.
I know this is close to Christmas and not ideal but I am sure we'll get the job done one way or the other,
How it looked before the contractors moved in
After due diligence the committee have identified the preferred contractor to carry out the extension to existing pond as per the planning permission.
This preferred contractor and the documentation relating to the tendering process has been submitted to Sports England for their assessment and approval.
Once this is sanctioned we can place the order with the contractor  to carry out the work.

The work will start within 2 weeks of approval and take approximately 2 weeks to complete. The plan is to dig out the new pond leaving a bund between it and the existing pond, then pump out the existing pond into the extension, thus partially filling, rather than losing it. Then re-sculpting the existing, back-filling with clay to give a depth of 5 - 6 foot along with contoured planting shelves.


 Our Planning application has now been approved and we are hoping to start the excavation work in the near future. An outline plan of the development can be seen on the attached PDF file

firemans extension.pdf firemans extension.pdf
Size : 779.227 Kb
Type : pdf

Planning Application for the Firemans

You can now view and comment on our planning application please access the site through the link

click on Search for planning application and copy and paste in the reference number



Our 64 page planning application! plus expert environmental, ecological and bio-diversity reports have finally been submitted for planning consent.

Many thanks to Les for all his time and hard work in liaising with the necessary bodies, commissioning the reports and putting all the documentation together

As soon as Planning Officers verify the application and have allocated it a working reference number I will  post it, together with a link to their web site, in the news section so that you can view our plans and pass comment. 


Development of the Fireman’s Pond


Utilising our own volunteers and assisted by specialist contractors funded through both our own resources and those made available to us through our Sport England ‘Inspired Facilities’ grant we have begun our first phase of development for the site based on the conclusions of an Environment Agency report commissioned by us in October 2012.

One of the E.A. recommendations that required immediate action was that the fish be removed from the before the onset of winter. They had concerns that low levels of dissolved oxygen, deep silt and shallow water might lead to a major fish kill in severe and prolonged freezing winter weather.

Fish in the pond were removed at the end of November 2012, with full E.A. consent, professionals using netting and electro fishing methods, transported in oxygenated tanks and transferred around our main group of ponds. As part of the emergency fish removal process a complete drain down of the pond was required, utilising a specialised tractor pump, which revealed the problematic deep silt deposits.

The whole site is now closed pending further development to improve the pond and the surrounding area for the provision of Disabled Angling through improved access and to further our engagement and enrichment plans for Junior Anglers.



Below you can see the  start of the pumping out and electro netting.




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