Match Rules

1. A match captain shall be appointed who may appoint such assistants as he thinks fits.

2. The match captain’s decision shall be final.

3. Membership of the Club shall not automatically entitle a member to go on an organised outing (point 26 of the Bye-Laws).

4. Pegs or swims can only be redrawn with the consent of the match captain.

5. Legal fishing area on Club outings on rivers shall be one yard upstream from the members peg to one yard upstream of the next downstream peg.

6. No contestant shall break the surface of the water (except to plummet the depth and position their keep net) until the signal for the commencement of the match is given by the person duly appointed to give such signal.

7. Contestants may set up more than one rod or pole but may fish with only one rod or pole at a time. Not more than one hook may be used and baited at one time.

8. Keep nets and landing nets must be used at all times, see Bye Laws 10,15 and 16.

9. All fish to be weighed at respective pegs.

10. All fish caught shall count in the weigh-in except game fish.

11. Peg numbers shall be returned to the match captain or his assistant where applicable

12. Acceptance of these rules shall be a condition of entry

13. Fishing is restricted to half way to the next fished peg left or right (if fishing both banks then half way across).

14. The weigh in shall be an agreement between the weigher, checker and the angler whose fish are being weighed.

**These rules may be amended for away matches** 

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