Newby is one of the prettiest ponds in the PSAC group with its Island and large Weeping Willow, Marsh Marigolds and Large Water Lilies. The pond was re-named in memory of Ted Newby who bequeathed a legacy to the club some years ago. Part of this money was used to excavate the ‘canal’ section of the pond. The original pond averages 3-4ft in depth. The later extension is more regular in depth at 4ft in the margins and around 5ft near the end. Canal pegs are mostly reached by steps down from the raised ground here but access is not too difficult. A couple of the original pegs have fallen into disuse but there is still plenty of choice. There is a good path nearly all the way around the pond but Peg 4 can only be accessed from its adjacent stile."

"Predominate fish are Rudd and Perch with Bream and some nice Tench and Crucian Carp." 
  (Photos map and write  up by BRIAN KERMODE)







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