Port Sunlight Angling Club
Privacy Policy
Personal Information supplied to Port Sunlight Angling Club (PSAC) is used for the sole purpose of identification and communication with PSAC members. The information held will be accessible to the database administrator and designated offices of PSAC only.
Information held about members will not be shared with any third party.
Information held for Junior members between the ages of 6 and 13 years old will be held following receipt of a fully completed application form signed by a parent or guardian agreeing to the information being held. Direct communication with those junior members will be directed through the parent or guardian with information about club waters communicated through the registered responsible adult member of the club by email and or the Club forum.
A Date of Birth is requested and held for the purpose of ascertaining the make-up of the club’s membership and to identify and confirm concessionary applicants such as Juniors and Minors only.
Information held for members who don’t renew their membership will be deleted from the database 12 months following their lapsed membership with any written material also appropriately and securely destroyed.
Members can ask what information is held on them by emailing the Club Secretary at psac@ymail.com or by post to The Secretary, Port Sunlight Angling Club, 61, Eggbridge Lane, Waverton, Cheshire, CH3 7PE. The information requested will be provided as soon as reasonably possible but no later than one month from receipt of the request.
25th May 2018.

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