The Roadside ponds are situated at the side of the B5151 Willaston road. The Roadside consists of two ponds stocked with Crucian hybrids, Tench, Perch and Rudd. The ponds are predominantly summer ponds, with some large tench in both ponds and large Crucian hybrids offering some fine sport. The ponds do fish over the winter months, mainly for Perch with the odd Rudd and Crucian showing.
The water in the pond is currently dyed blue, this is to restrict the growth of pondweed, while   
this will not completely stop the weed growth it has certainly slowed the growth since the dye was introduced.

There are no major works planned for the roadside, but there is a rolling programme of maintenance on the two ponds, this includes general maintenance of hedges, pathways, grass cutting and rebuilding of pegs.
Pennywort has been identified in both ponds, after a great deal of work and an ongoing programme of identifying and removal of this invasive weed, it is once again possible to use keepnets on the two ponds, that said, we do ask that after fishing you thoroughly clean your nets before using them on any other water, not just the club waters, any other water!

Write Up by Pete Lamey

Due to the invasive WEED PENNYWORT at the Road Side Pond.

Please take time to remove any vegetation from your Keep-net & landing net.

Cleaning your nets before leaving the water will reduce the chance of spreading PENNYWORT to other waters.

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