The stork ponds

The ponds are situated  on farmland adjacent to Thornton Manor, parking is on grass verge at the junction of Manor road and Talbot avenue, there is a white five bar gate opposite talbot road junction, go through the gate and along the public footpath till you reach the style on the right hand side, go through the style and you will see a group of trees in the middle of the field surrounded by a fence and another style to access the ponds.

The stork ponds are set in idyllic surroundings. They were originally several ponds which were excavated into one large pond with an island with the exception of one original pond adjoining known as the mudhole. Both ponds have swims that are deep, with some over 7 foot, fishing  is from designated pegs along all banks and from pegs on the island which is accessed via the footbridge. Species of fish in the main pond include Barbel, Carp, Roach, Bream, Rudd, Tench, Crucian Carp, Ide, Perch and Gudgeon. The mudhole has the same assortment of fish with the exception of Barbel but additionally is stocked with Chub Both ponds have there fair share of specimen fish of all species.

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