In May 2012 the club stocked 300 Tench of 6" - 8" split between the May & June,Misty and Tench Ponds


Our waters are maintained to the highest quality standard by the enthusiasm of our members, supported by specialised contractors. Please assist your club by volunteering your time and skills. We hold regular working parties during the year. Please note that fishing is prohibited on any of the club waters until after 1pm on work party days.

We have sought the services of both the environment agency and fisheries consultants in order to best carry out the on going improvements to our waters.

During 2011 we drained and de silted the clover pond and re shaped it to include shelves for fishing and marginal planting. In 2012 we de-silted the edges of the May and June and have re shaped it to include marginal fish holding and breeding areas. We submitted a lottery bid to develop the Fireman’s pond site and were awarded £42,000 Please go to the Firemans page for more details.

 Parking for the main group of waters is at the the club hut.

 If you want to see the main group of waters then click the link below you well find at the top of the picture the May&June  Misty,Bream, Clover


Club Hut Car Park 

Use the club hut car park for the Bream,Carp pond, May&June, Misty, Clover Ditch.Tench and Newby Backhut.

Please respect the occupants of the cottages next to the car park


The firemans pond is now open this fishery  will be the envy of many an angler on the Wirral.

Drained, de-silted and doubled in length using lottery funding in 2014.

Has now matured and is in close proximity to its car park.

All swims are easy access with a stone path all the way round.

This pond fishes all year round due it’s heavy stocking of F1’s and ide with crucian and Tench providing further summer sport.



Park in the club hut car park

A deep intimate pool with just 4 swims, surrounded by bushes and with large lily pads.

Re stocked with 250 Crucian Carp, but also Mirror Carp, Tench, Crucians, Ide, Rudd and Perch.

Ironically though, no Bream!




Carp pit can be accesed from the club hut car park. .

As the name suggests Carp predominate but also some large Crucian’s and some impressive Rudd





May & June

Park in the club hut car park

This water has been re-shaped over the years and dug out

De silted and vegetation cut back and marginal reed areas planted in 2011. Stocked with Mirror, Common and Ghost Carp as the dominant species but also Tench, Crucian’s, Rudd, Roach, Ide, Gudgeon and Perch.







Park in the club hut car park .

De silted and extended over recent years a few nice Carp and Bream with Tench, Rudd, Roach, Skimmers, Crucian’s and Perch also present.







Drained and de-silted in 2011 it was refilled in 2012 and stocked with Tench, Crucian’s, Ide  and Rudd. Re-open in June 2013

A good mixed catch on the Clover


Use the club hut car park

A small pond crammed full of Gudgeon, Roach and Rudd with some Crucian’s and Tench present in small numbers






 Parking is on the grass  just befor the path to the water

A big pond surrounding a large centre island which can be fished from. Contains some decent Barbel, Tench and Bream as well as Carp, Ide, Rudd, Roach and Perch


Road Side

 Please when parking think of others as parking is on the grass next to the pond

A large head of Rudd which feed some decent Perch and also a large stamp of Crucian/Goldfish Crosses and Big Tench

The Roadside ponds are situated at the side of the B5151 Willaston road. The Roadside consists of two ponds stocked with Crucian hybrids, Tench, Perch and Rudd. The ponds are predominantly summer ponds, with some large tench in both ponds and large Crucian hybrids offering some fine sport. The ponds do fish over the winter months, mainly for Perch with the odd Rudd and Crucian showing.

The water in the pond is currently dyed blue, this is to restrict the growth of pondweed, while   
this will not completely stop the weed growth it has certainly slowed the growth since the dye was introduced.
There are no major works planned for the roadside, but there is a rolling programme of maintenance on the two ponds, this includes general maintenance of hedges, pathways, grass cutting and rebuilding of pegs.
Pennywort has been identified in both ponds, after a great deal of work and an ongoing programme of identifying and removal of this invasive weed, it is once again possible to use keepnets on the two ponds, that said, we do ask that after fishing you thoroughly clean your nets before using them on any other water, not just the club waters, any other water!

Write Up by Pete Lamey


Use the club hut car park

A beautiful but difficult water with some big Bream and Tench present and also Crucian’s, Rudd, Roach and Perch.





Use the club hut car park

Extended and de silted in 2011 and stocked with Carp, Ide and Tench but also containing some decent Bream as well as Skimmers, Roach and Gudgeon.




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