Work Party Dates

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Work Party on the fireman's 4th March 

Extention to the Fireman's Carpark


Stork lilies before and after

 Work Party 11th September  


18 months after being dug out our Fireman’s Pond has become completely naturalised and recent working parties have seen banks strimmed and marginal weed encroaching on swims removed.

Working parties aren’t compulsory in the club, but are a great way of meeting members of all ages and exchanging knowledge of how our waters are fishing as well as the usual banter



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Work on the Misty clearing the undergrowth 


Some of the work that has been undertaken on our waters

A Before and After photo of work Pete did on the Roadside.



Some photos of the Newby after Brian removed the overgrowing bank-side vegetation

Before you could hardly see the water.

Work begins on the Clover draining and digging out  





 Time to start filling it





We had the EA out on 17th October  2012 at the road side they did a test netting so that we can move some of the Rudd and while they were there, They identified a type of weed that has a prolific growth rate (sorry missed the name of It) have a look at the photo attached when I find out the name I will let you know

But what they did say is that we (the royal WE) need to make sure that we do not move it on to other waters whether it be our own or other waters as this type of weed can grow at a rate of 20cm a day.

So Please if you have to use a keep-net make sure you give it a good clean before you fish anywhere ells.

Dont forget to clean your landing net


For more details on the weed on the Roadside  called Pennywort please click on the file below and down load  it print  it off and pass  it on to as many people as you can and feel free to pass this info on to any other angling club on Wirral


Floating Pennywort (v3b).pdf Floating Pennywort (v3b).pdf
Size : 4372.49 Kb
Type : pdf
check-clean-dry-poster.pdf check-clean-dry-poster.pdf
Size : 250.358 Kb
Type : pdf


 EA health check netting at the Roadside pond



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